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I Have lifeSTYLE Solutions Just for You


These Beauties are Living their Best, Stylish Lives!


"Now I feel like my closet is many times bigger than what it actually is!"

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“If you have any doubts about hiring Maria, I’m here to take those away..."


client love!

Testimonial Lakeshia Angelique Stylishly

“Maria Swann is amazing and helped me save money and put to work what I already had in my closet!”

I’m a super busy mama of 5 and Life Coach who’s always on the go and in and out of hotels. Maria Swann is amazing and helped me save money and put to work what I already had in my closet! My Grab-n-Go Wardrobe™ was amazing and I  would have never put the combos together! Book a consult now, you won’t regret it! 
Lakeshia Angelique
Life Coach & Diversity Consultant

"If you're on defense, I highly, highly recommend working with Maria"


client love!


"She helped me pick out a brand new wardrobe. Honestly, it gave me the confidence that I needed..."

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Testimonial Jessica Vincent Sytlishly Yo
Jessica Vincent, Business Coach

“I knew a versatile wardrobe would help me have a more focused and easier wardrobe to work with, but the way Maria does it is SO AMAZING! She helps you create something that is completely customized and authentic to you”

Working with her in a session, she figured out what colors and styles I can incorporate to mix and match and create the base of my wardrobe.
She taught me how to assemble tons of outfits so I can easily pick out pieces and know exactly what to wear everyday and for all different occasions. And she continues to give advice so I can style anything in my closet.
Seriously, every working woman needs this. I carry so much on my brain with my family and my business and when it comes to what to wear I am just out of ideas. Since her system caters to what I already have it is a huge relief that I don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe.
My wardrobe will last through the seasons only swapping out a few winter and summer pieces. If I need to buy anything else I have direction and can find items that I know will fit with what I have. And, if I want to invest in something more expensive it will be worth it because I know it can mix and match with so much.
In so many ways this will save me time, money, and ease my mental load. I am so excited for my Grab-n-Go Wardrobe and highly recommend Maria. She is fun, creative, stylish, and has all the fashion advice you need to look great with ease. This is a total game changer for me.
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Maria you are a lifesaver. I am now COMPLETELY obsessed with my closet...You have helped me get dressed every single day in a way that makes me feel really happy, confident and amazing!

Makayla Ervin
Brand & Marketing Strategist

My time with her was absolutely incredible! Maria made everything a breeze! She is such a gifted person in this. You definitely need to hire her so she can make you feel good in your wardrobe!

Christina Garrett
Productivity Specialist
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