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Your System,
Your Mindset,

Stylishly You gives the on-the-go Woman like you the tools needed to get dressed quickly, LOVE and enjoy your current body and build a wardrobe of your dreams!

On-the-Go CEOs......

this ones for you

You're a leader in your business, manage teams and nurture families,
but deciding what to wear is a true struggle.
It's a lot on your plate and a lot of things you can't control, but how you look and feel is NOT one of them. YOU can stop struggling with your body and style.

You have systems and processes for everything except for how you get dressed. Which is the most important part of your day. The way you feel when you look in the mirror can either make or break your confidence for the rest of the day. But I've got a solution for you... 

I help busy Women who...

Need to regain control over how long it takes them to get dressed.

Want to embrace their body 'season' and tap into their authentic style with their clothing.
Want to incorporate mindful practice and need to reset their daily routine for the better. 
I help you look at yourself in the mirror and speak truth. The same truth that you tell your daughter, friend, or clients.
Stylishly You.png
Stylishly You.png
Stylishly You.png

Practical mindfulness tools and proven systems to curate a style routine that aligns with their busy lifestyle.


Are we a good fit?

Learn how to bring balance to your routine and make getting dressed fun again!

I’m the Style Coach for you if you want to...
Stylishly You.png
Stylishly You.png
Stylishly You.png
Finally wear the things you buy with pure excitement because they were curated just for you, your body, and your lifestyle.
Stop trying to figure out where the disconnect is with your body and style and do the inner work to get unstuck.
Attract what you want to attract in the world. The relationships, the energy and the confidence you've been missing out on. 
Maria Swann Stylishly You.png
It's all about how you SHOW UP...

Maria Swann

I'm a busy mom, Style & Confidence Coach and Speaker. I know how hard it is to juggle all your responsibilities. I love helping women reclaim their time, confidence, and energy by simplifying their approach to their wardrobe!
After working in HR, I realized there were too many women, with great careers, great families, and running great companies, who were dissatisfied when they looked in the mirror. They had sacrificed so much to reach their goals, that there didn’t seem to be enough time in their lives to take care of themselves.
I on the other hand effortlessly got up in the morning and embraced my closet and my body with love. KNOWING I would look great in what I wore that day. Shopping was a breeze and I was excited about every purchase. After having many conversations with these Women, I realized that there was a need for a system that helped Women do the same.

That's when the Grab-n-Go Wardrobe was Born

 If you are waiting for some achievement or moment in the future to start caring for you, the wait is over. You are worthy of love, care, nourishment of your body and soul right now. Reach out to me today.


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